If you came here to look at a large log home in Crawfordville, Florida -  Sorry you're too late.  We sold it and moved to Portugal.


Tuplins are finally retired. That's right, Margaret and I are finally retired.  We have tried retiring 5 times before but failed miserably........

1.Left the British military in 1982. Failed to retire and soon created a company called Antiques dealer and collectors service. Two years later it morphed into ADACS Ltd which was a computer service company.

2.We sold ADACS in 1989 and decided to immigrate to the USA but did not retire, we made a 5 year effort to build a Golf Course called Green Point in Eastpoint Florida, but we failed to get Florida state government's permit approved - and still did not retire.

3.  In 1995 we started an Equipment Rental Center in Apalachicola Florida which grew into two centers.  The second one on St. George Island.  They grew into hardware stores and then into Contractors Depot in 1997 which was an e-commerce company selling Contractor Equipment on the web.

4. In 2000 we sold the rental equipment and built a new warehouse for the e-commerce company. Our Son David and his wife Dawn came from England to join us at this time.   His computer software knowledge enhanced the company and sales grew really well.

5.  We decided to retire and left the running of the company to David Jnr.  In 2012. David and Dawn decided to go back to become a software developer for an international Bank in Central London.  So it was back to work for Margaret and I.

In 2014 we decided to close the Company and retire.  We sold our log home in Crawfordville Florida and are warehouse in Eastpoint We also sold the 2 lots we owned on WildWood Golf course in Wakulla County Florida.   In February 2015 we left the USA and came to Portugal where we now live.  We are now definitely retired at last.